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SV CREATION presents “Mission C1000: A Masterpiece by Tejeshwar In collaboration with Tollywood & Pan Indian movies.

SV CREATION proudly introduces “Mission C1000,” a groundbreaking film directed by Tejeshwar. This cinematic marvel delves into the themes of patriotism, cultural identity, and the fight against false narratives, all while providing an engaging and thrilling storyline.


The film revolves around the character of Ram, portrayed by Tejeshwar, who is tasked with a vital mission to thwart terrorists aiming to misuse a revolutionary formula developed by scientists. As the story unfolds, viewers are immersed in a narrative where foreign entities seek to discredit India by labeling it a terrorist nation. Ram becomes a symbol of patriotism, countering these false accusations and inspiring the youth to connect with their cultural heritage. The movie’s captivating visuals and compelling plot serve as a platform for discussions on cultural awareness and global responsibilities.


“Mission C1000” also introduces a crucial subplot involving a honey trap. This element highlights the deceptive tactics used by the antagonists to manipulate and exploit individuals for their nefarious purposes. The honey trap underscores the lengths to which the terrorists will go to achieve their goals, adding an extra layer of intrigue and complexity to the storyline.


In the film, Ram is appointed by the Indian Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh to embark on a perilous journey that intertwines heroism, science, and a deep connection to Indian culture. The plot follows as the scientist is on the brink of inventing a groundbreaking formula. However, their success attracts a terrorist group with malicious intent, seeking to use the formula to spread terrorism globally and create a false narrative.


Amidst the chaos, Ram emerges as the protagonist who must dismantle the terrorists’ plans and restore the nation’s image. Throughout the film, a subtle yet profound message urges the youth to reconnect with Sanatan Dharma, emphasizing its importance for the nation’s progress. The performances by Tejeshwar, Pragya Nayan, Kabir Duhan Singh, Sanjay Pandey, and other talented artists, combined with Tejeshwar’s innovative direction, make “Mission C1000” an exceptional film. It serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of preserving and understanding one’s cultural heritage for national development.


As Ram faces numerous challenges and adversaries, the film showcases the vibrant traditions, rituals, and landscapes of India. The cinematography beautifully captures the country’s essence, reinforcing the idea that a strong connection to one’s roots can lead to a harmonious and prosperous society. “Mission C1000” goes beyond entertainment, leaving a lasting impact on viewers and sparking conversations about cultural awareness and national responsibility. It calls on the audience to embrace their cultural identity and contribute positively to the nation’s growth.


“Mission C1000” not only entertains but also inspires. As Ram triumphs over terrorism, he leaves behind a legacy that encourages the youth to embrace their Indian culture, fostering unity, pride, and commitment to the nation’s advancement.


“Sasoon Mein Meri Thuhai Samaya,” a lyrical melody song, released by SV CREATION, is available to view on YouTube under the SV Creation channel. Experience the mesmerizing melodies and captivating visuals by clicking on the following link.


Mission C1000 Credits:


Producer: Kiranmayee, Viraat & Shourrya


Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, and Direction: Tejeshwar


Banner: SV CREATION (Tollywood)


Language: Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam


Director of Photography: Mahender S.


Music: Sridhar Athreya


BGM: Vinnu


Editor: Marthand K. Venkatesh (Annapurna Studios)


Choreography: Ganesh Swamy


Fights: Stunt Jahshuva


7.1 Dolby Atmos: Krishna (Rama Naidu Studios)


DI: Saradhi Studios


VFX Head: Ananth Iyyunni


Sound Effects: J.R. Ethiraaj (Ramanaidu Studios)


Singers: Vaishali Madge & Pamela Jain (melody song), Vijay Prakash (Ram Ji song), Srikanth Sandugu (patriotic song)


Lyrics: Laxmi Narayana Masade, JVP, Vishwanadha Srinivas, Prasad Saana


Executive Producers: Dr. Elasagaram Prabhakar, V. Ramu, Gandikota Srinivas


Co-Producers: T. Eeshwar & T. Uma Mahendra & Smt. T. Suhaseni


Special Appearance: Kaali Charan Maharaj


Cast: Tejeshwar (Hero), Pragya Nayan (Heroine), Kabir Duhan Singh & Sanjay Pandey (Villains), Jaya Prakash, Anish Kuruvella & Sudha (Artists)


Artists: Kalicharan Maharaj, Jaya Prakash, Sudha, Sheker Rao Perala (P.M.), Vishal, Sandeep, Satish & others


Marketing and Promotions: Media Fourth


“Mission C1000” is set to hit the screens very soon. Stay tuned for updates on its release.

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