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A former Pakistani cricketer who obtains a British passport in 2024 is likely to participate in the IPL

<p>Due to the political difficulties, India and Pakistan’s bilateral cricket relations have been terminated. Now, the two teams only compete against each other in international or continental events. As a result, outside of an ICC tournament like the Asia Cup, the top players of the two nations seldom get the opportunity to compete against one another.</p>
<p>Even if they weren’t able to have a lengthy career, players have in the past been able to leave their mark on the memory of spectators just by playing effectively in India-Pakistan matches.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-59621″ src=”” alt=”” width=”969″ height=”726″ srcset=” 259w,×112.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 969px) 100vw, 969px” /></p>
<p>Mohammad Amir unexpectedly decided to retire from international cricket in 2020, citing mental agony. His career suffered greatly as a result of his participation in the spot-fixing incident of 2010, as well as subsequent injuries and a decline in form.</p>
<p>Before his career took a turn for the worst, the 31-year-old was heralded as Pakistan cricket’s next great thing when he first appeared on the international scene with a lot of potential.</p>
<p>Amir shown flashes of brilliance after serving his spot-fixing suspension, particularly a devastating new ball period against India in the 2017 Champions Trophy final that led to Pakistan’s victory.</p>
<p>Although few and few between, his encounters with India’s standout batter Virat Kohli were nevertheless noteworthy.</p>
<p>Amir hopes to get his British passport in 2024, but it’s probable that he could soon be working his magic in India via the IPL.</p>
<p>But he turned on the chance to represent England.</p>
<p>I will not play for England, first of all. I’ve competed for Pakistan. Second, there is still a year to go (until the IPL),” he told ARY news.</p>
<p>“What will the situation be at that point…I often claim that I take things slowly. We have no idea what will occur tomorrow, and I begin to consider participating in the IPL in 2024. Where I will be in a year is unknown. The future is unknown to everyone. When I obtain my passport, I’ll take advantage of whatever the best opportunity is and whatever I get, he said.</p>
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