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Manu Rishi Chadha: During the Dasvi shoot, Abhishek Bachchan and I used to argue about Haldiram bhujiya

Manu Rishi Chadha acknowledges falling behind on social media and makes a commitment to be more active in growing his Instagram account. Nevertheless, he keeps nurturing his passion for performing and gives compelling performances after persuasive performances, creating memories along the way. He most recently made an appearance in United Kachche, a web series, and the suspense film U-Turn.
Manu Rishi discussed some amusing recollections from the Dasvi filming with Abhishek Bachchan and United Kachche, in which he portrayed a Pakistani, in an interview with Hindustan Times. He also related a terrifying event that occurred while filming U-Turn. Excerpts:
Is it accurate to say that your admirers only recognize you by your facial features?
Yes, I have the same emotions when people come to see me at airports, take photographs with me, yet can't remember my name. I recently worked with Atul Kasbekar on a picture session. He advised me to be aggressive on social media since I write poems and discuss a variety of topics. He said that only then would people begin to recognize and follow me. Why don't you work on your PR and social media, my wife constantly telling me. Actually, I'm a slacker.
In the suspense thriller U-turn, in which you play a constable, the trailer makes the movie seem to be a horror movie. Not everyone like scary movies.
Horror movies should not be avoided because they are entertaining. In U-Turn, I portray a very common guy who eventually does a crucial task. In the conclusion, the viewer realizes that such a common guy accomplished such a significant feat.
Do you want to offer a funny or spooky anecdote about the film's production?
I had to drop from 97 feet while being restrained by a harness. Since there were ghost cameras and sheets on the floor for me, it must have been pouring. However, the rain instrument's pressure fused, leaving me dangling for 30 minutes. During a break, my director tossed me a vada pav, which I caught. Then, as I was suspended from the harness, he gave me some dhokla and samosa. It was an experience I will never forget.
Being a suspense thriller, the procedure was really demanding. Only when that environment has been established can the viewer really experience the mood of the movie. We shot in areas where we began to feel anxious. I had to take a vehicle back one night after the 3am pack up. I sensed someone strolling beside me as soon as I began to move. Since the driver wasn't there when I rushed up to the vehicle, I was left standing outside by myself.
You used to play a jailer in Dasvi before this. How was it like working with Abhishek Bachchan on the movie?
Abhishek Bachchan and I used to have Haldiram bhujiya often. Previously, the team's food packages were set out at the director's desk. To ensure that the director and his staff don't go hungry, there are bhujiya, chocolates, and other munchies. On some days, we used to visit the set. He would push me and take away the box while saying, “Sir, aapki nazar bhujiya pe thi par maine udha lia (you were eyeing the snack but I grabbed it)” Sometimes I would push him and grab the packet, and other times he would push me and take away the box. The whole thing would be consumed by whomever picked up the box. I used to play football, therefore because I was a center forward, I would utilize a shoulder shove to gain bhujiya from him. Now, I send him a note to let him know that I am thinking of him everytime I eat bhujiya.
In United Kachche, you play a landowner who is Pakistani. Tell us about your experience filming in the UK for the program.In the UK, something really emotional occurred. We Indians have preconceived notions about Pakistanis. However, I was a person in the program where a Pakistani, an Indian, and a Bangladeshi lived together. By the way, the situation is very political. When I first met Indian and Pakistani people in London, we went out to dinner with them, and it wasn't only enjoyable; it was also emotional for me. In London, there was no distinction between Pakistanis and Indians. At the same location, their kids eat, play, and go to school. Borders mean nothing to those young people. People who live in London don't leave for Pakistan or India. They will be exposed to fascinating tales about their nations as they grow up. We'll keep fighting at the border while coexisting nicely everywhere. There was a lot of fun for our cast. Because of Sunil Grover, who is quite well-liked in London, we also received a great deal of affection.

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